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Who Do We help?

We help experienced professionals who helps other people.


Rena Cook

A published author who helps women embrace their authentic voice.


Teresa Knox

A philanthropist who is passionate
about preserving Tulsa’s history.


Erin Garcia

A coaching pioneer who helps people
get over their emotional trauma.


Gary Busey

A prolific character actor who has triumphed over addiction & brain injury.


David Teegarden

A Grammy award-winning drummer
who helps people record their music.


Keith Kochner

An international speaker who teaches
the value of mentorship online.


Rick MIller

A professional auctioneer who helps organizations plan their annual galas.


Ryan D. Luelf

A cancer survivor who teaches cancer patients how to embrace healing.


John Mason

An author coach who helps people publish award-winning books


Who Am I?

Hello. My name is James Bullis. Twenty years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life and I needed to make a decision. I knew that I wanted to make something of my life so I taught myself a skill. With a borrowed book, pen, and paper, I taught myself how to code in HTML. I had a vision that I would help people with amazing websites. 
Over the years the technology has changed but the vision is still the same. Our company is still based on helping people with amazing websites, helping them get found online, and making an impact anywhere in the world with their story, knowledge, and passions.

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